Deep-sea fishing, also known as offshore fishing, is the sport of fishing in waters at least 30 feet deep. Many beginners learn tips and tricks only after years of tests, trials, and learning the hard way. We want to share a compilation of our top 10 tips and best practices so that whether you’re on your own boat or a fishing charter, you can go from beginner to fishing pro by your next fishing trip!

1. Use a GPS nautical map to find fish and check the oceanographic forecast through services like Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecast Service. Knowing the ocean’s forecast will save you money on boat fuel and time.

2. Fish close to a reef. This is where smaller fish are, which means bigger fish are sure to follow. Simple as that.

3. Keep a logbook of fishing trips. Write down things such as date, temperature, wind direction, speed, hook style, and any other important factors that played a part in your fishing trip. If you take fishing trips in different areas, you’ll most likely forget or confuse the details of each area, but if you keep a log, you’ll be able to easily recall the necessary details to have the best fishing trip possible every time you return.

4. Keep it simple. Having too many rods and teasers in the water can actually lower your chance of catching a fish. Plus, lines can get tangled. Unless you are a professional, keeping it simple will increase your chances of catching a fish.

5. Pack and prepare. Make sure you have all the items you might need in any possible scenario. Your hooks should be on rods and your bait should be accessible at a moment’s notice.

6. When using live bait, have only one fish per gallon of water. Your fish need to be full of life when you put them in the water as natural fish would be. Overcrowding the bait box will lead to harmed fish with low energy and bigger fish won’t be interested in biting them.

7. Change out your live bait when their energy becomes low. Like we said before, your fish need to be energetic to send out vibrations to bigger fish. When they become tired, give them a break and switch bait.

8. During full moons, use crab imitations as bait. That’s when crabs shed their shells and fish come looking for them.

9. If you get seasick, stay on deck and watch the horizon instead of going below deck. That will only make it worse. If you are prone to seasickness, make sure to take helpful medicine before going out because once you are sick, medicine won’t help much.

10. Go slow. You may be in a hurry to get out to sea and pass over a small area with tons of fish. Be present and pay attention on your way out to maximize catch potential.

If you keep these ten tips in mind, you are sure to have an adventurous, prosperous, and exciting fishing future. Be sure to check out the top fishing charter in Destin, Florida to have the fishing adventure of a lifetime!