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American Red Snapper

The American Red Snapper is world famous and in Destin it gets a lot of attention! This particular species of saltwater snapper is an aggressive feeder, and also a strong fighter! Here in Destin, FL we are known for it, but note that the season can change slightly from year-to-year. Our 2019 Gulf of Mexico, Federal Red Snapper season has been announced and it is set for June 1 – August 1. We’re excited to have the longest season that we’ve had in a while. Although we’ve been given more days, they’re booking up fast so call today!

Red Snapper are commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico, ranging from depths of 30 to 300 feet. Snapper can be caught on natural bottom such as, rock ledges and shelves. They can also be caught on man made reefs and wrecks like, sunken ships and concrete rubble. Red Snapper will eat just about anything. Live bait is the choice of local Destin fisherman yet, cut bait and lures also work very well.

It goes without saying that another great thing about the Red Snapper is its taste! It is a delicious, white, flaky fish that can be prepared a multitude of ways. Upon returning to the dock our crew will clean your fish for you, so you’ll be all set!

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