Destin Shark Fishing

While in Destin, one of the biggest rushes you can get from fishing is from hooking a large shark. Here on the “100 Proof”, we offer some of the best local shark fishing. This type of fishing is fun and exciting for all ages! We have a nice selection of sharks in the local area, including mako, rouge tiger, bull, gray, reef, hammerhead, and dusky sharks. Sharks offer an unique challenge due to their size and strength. On average, we bring in 75-150 lb sharks, although we have pulled in even larger sharks. It’s a great adventure, even for those that just want to watch. We offer full service for all sharks caught, and will help you bring the shark in.

We do encourage the practice of catch and release for most shark species. We typically do not kill the shark, and try to release them with as little damage to the shark as possible. Our trained hands will be able to assist you in showing off your shark for pictures, so bring your camera and get ready for an unforgettable adventure while shark fishing in Destin, FL.

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