Destin Charter Fishing

24-72 hour trips overnight fishing trips available

One of the most serious types of deep sea fishing trips has to be the longer overnight trips. With multiple trips ranging from 24-72 hours, we can really get out there and fish for that trophy fish that you want. These trips are rigorous and take plenty of planning.  We typically start these trips at night, and travel all night to the fishing spots. Then when you wake up, it’s time to fish. These trips are in the deep ocean, usually 70-100 miles offshore, where there is no cell service, no emails, just you, the crew and the fish!

Lots to offer

This type of overnight fishing trip is also some of the most extreme.  Sport fishing, shark fishing, trolling, blue marlin, swordfish, and more are all waiting to be caught on these trips. They will make you memories to last a lifetime. If you are interested in an overnight fishing trip, make sure to contact the captain well in advance of when you want to leave as these trips do take some planning and preparation. There is a lot of preparation to be done in order to get the boat ready for these trips, and you will need time to get yourself ready as well. Because of this, we ask that you give us at least 3 days notice before an overnight fishing trip. Referrals available upon request.

This is also one of the crew’s favorite type of fishing trips! They always get excited to be able to get out there and spend some extra time doing what they love. Call us today to talk to us about scheduling an overnight fishing trip out of the beautiful Destin, FL!

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